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the awful scoot shooting at sandy hook elementary schooling in newtown, connecticut. >> the police are telling us a student shot and killed a teacher and wounded two classmates. >> just heartbreaking. a seventh grade student opened fire, killing an eighth grade teacher, a hero who tried to stop the rampage before the student himself was killed. cnn provided a fair amount of coverage and the shooting was a top story on the nut work news cast and morning shows. then it quickly faded. the great media machine moved on. a seventh grade killer was no longer major news. now, i hate to say this, but in the cold calculation of news executives, the death toll was rather low. what happened at that school in nevada was no newtown, it was now virginia tech, it was no columbine. only two people died. in our news this week, a 14-year-old has been accused of stabbing and killing a teacher. but think about this nevada tragedy. a middle school shooting is essentially a one-day story now. we in the media, we in the country have become desense advertised to violence involving children. perhaps that wa
people, then, were injured. >> new york city marathon making a return after sandy forced its cancellation. a runner from kenya crossed the finish like, defending his title. there were 51,000 at going of the year with security all along the marathon route especially at the starting and the finishing line. >> now, back to "media buzz." b at the top of the on hour for america's news headquarters. >>> it's hard to believe, but barbara walters is in her final season at "the view." first at nbc's "today show." then at abc, co-host of 2020 and countless special and a woman who has interviewed presidents and prime ministers and every celebrity on the planet just about. but i think i've detected a change in tone in her highly popular daytime show, so i began with that when i visited the manhattan offices of "the view." barbara walters, thank you for letting us into your luxurious dressing room. >> with no window, yeah. >> nice curtains. >> we cover everything up with curtains. >> during the national melodrama over the national shutdown, obama care, i didn't see much of that on "the view." has wa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2